Employee Dies in Car Crash: When Is Traveling to a Work Site Within the Scope of Employment?

As we’ve previously discussed in this blog, workers’ compensation claims rise and fall on whether an employee is acting within the scope of his or her employment. But what happens when an employee is traveling? A recent decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania addresses the unfortunate circumstances of an employee who was killed in…


Withholding of Removal and Terrorist Groups: Be Careful of the Company You Keep

Are you responsible for terrorist acts committed by members of your political party? The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently said “no” in a case where an immigrant from Bangladesh sought withholding of removal, provided the terrorist activities are uncoordinated activities by individual members, as opposed to being sanctioned by party leadership. Political Party…


How to Lose Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits: A Cautionary Tale from a Worker Who Learned the Hard Way

We’ve all fantasized about telling a boss what they could do with their job following a perceived injustice at the workplace. Carlos Torijano decided to act. Perhaps the decision felt good at the moment, but it probably didn’t feel good last week. That’s when Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court found that Torijano, a plumber’s helper who was…


PA Law and Broken Hearts: We’re on Our Own

A recent case decided by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas reminds us that not all of life’s injustices have a legal fix. One such injustice is extramarital affairs, for which a wounded spouse has no legal remedy against the person who interfered in their marriage, the court ruled. In Laidlaw v. Converge MidAtlantic, a…