PA Law and Broken Hearts: We’re on Our Own

A recent case decided by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas reminds us that not all of life’s injustices have a legal fix. One such injustice is extramarital affairs, for which a wounded spouse has no legal remedy against the person who interfered in their marriage, the court ruled. In Laidlaw v. Converge MidAtlantic, a…


UPDATE: ‘Mattress Protest’ Ends in Settlement: A Lot of Work to Do

In April, we blogged about Emma Sulkowicz, a 2015 Columbia University graduate who spent her senior year publicly calling out another Columbia student as a rapist as part of her senior arts thesis project that was approved by the university. The “Carry That Weight” protest ― in which Sulkowicz lugged her 50-pound mattress, the site…


The YouTube Singer, the Politician, and Underage Girls: Don’t Do Online What You Wouldn’t Do in Person

Today’s blog is “sponsored” by two talented, successful men ― one an entertainer, the other a public servant ―who apparently threw their extraordinarily bright futures down the tubes in exchange for lewd activity with teenage girls on the internet. Strikingly, there is nothing to suggest that either of them ever engaged in inappropriate sexual activity…