Circumstantial Evidence and DUI: Is It Enough to Convict?

When a driver doesn’t submit to a field sobriety test can he/she still be convicted for DUI in the absence of other testing that would establish intoxication? The answer is “yes.” Read on for a case where circumstantial evidence was sufficient to sustain a DUI conviction. Refused Field Sobriety Test In Commonwealth v. Lyons, a…


You Hold a PA Medical Marijuana ID Card: Can Police Search Your Car If They Smell Weed?

With more than 143,000 patients in Pennsylvania legalized to obtain, possess, and ingest medical marijuana, does the smell of marijuana alone establish probable cause for police to conduct a warrantless search of your car? The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently said “no.” Medical Marijuana Identification Card In Commonwealth v. Barr, two Pennsylvania State Police troopers…


The ‘Fog’ of a Slip-and-Fall Accident: Can You Sue when You Don’t Know Exactly What Caused Your Fall?

We’ve explained in previous blogs that to recover in a slip-and-fall case (and all personal injury litigation), the plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted negligently. But what happens when the plaintiff can’t prove that the defendant’s negligent conduct caused the accident? Can liability still attach? The answer is “no.” Read on for a discussion…