UPDATE: Federal Court Releases Man Jailed for 4 Years for Refusing to Decrypt Computer Hard Drives in Child Pornography Case

In 2017, we blogged about a former Philadelphia police officer who has been sitting in jail since Sept. 30, 2015, for refusing to comply with a court order to divulge passwords for two encrypted computer hard drives seized from his home under a search warrant. The hard drives are believed to contain child pornography. The…


Don’t Want Police to Search Your Phone Without a Warrant: Don’t Abandon It in a Public Bathroom Actively Recording

In an age where technology is changing faster than the law can keep up, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently addressed the issue of when police can legally search a smartphone without a warrant. Abandoned Smartphone In Commonwealth v. Kane, a Villanova University student hid a smartphone behind a “wet floor” sign in a co-ed…


Another ‘Second Chance’ Story: Sex Offender Who Earned Barber License While Incarcerated Can Continue to Work, Reform His Life

In September, we blogged about a “second chance” story involving a Lock Haven University professor with a 28-year-old sex crime conviction who worked hard, turned his life around, and got to keep his job after the university discovered his criminal past and attempted to terminate him. Here’s another story proving that second chances are possible…