Your Cellphone Contains Your Life: Can Police Search It Without a Warrant?

Today’s cellphones double as rolodexes, cameras, tape recorders, video recorders, mini computers, libraries, diaries, televisions, newspapers, maps, books, and much more. So, can the police search your cellphone ― essentially your whole life ― without a warrant? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently said “no.” Monitoring Calls In Commonwealth v. Fulton, a homicide victim informed police…


When Employee Shuttle Buses Injure Workers: Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

In a decision that will impact every Pennsylvania employee who takes a shuttle bus from an employee parking lot to their work site, the Commonwealth Court recently ruled that a flight attendant who slipped and fell aboard an employee shuttle bus at Philadelphia International Airport was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Employee Shuttle Bus In…


When Guardrails Injure Motorists: Is PennDOT Liable?

What if you are injured in an auto accident and the culprit is not another driver, but rather a dangerous guardrail? Can PennDOT be held liable for your injuries? Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court recently said “yes.” A Spin Out Cagey v. Commonwealth involved a couple whose vehicle spun out and slammed into a guardrail in January…


Terminating Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Can Your Employer Re-Litigate Whether You Were Injured?

What if you were injured, received workers’ compensation benefits for years, and your employer sought to end those benefits by re-arguing what was already decided in your initial case. Is that fair game? The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently said “no.” Two Bomb Threats Vasser-Watts v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Duquesne Light Company) involved a…


Workers’ Compensation and Unhappy Marriages: Is a Separated Spouse Entitled to Death Benefits?

Pennsylvania’s Workers Compensation Act allows a spouse to collect benefits (under certain conditions) when their partner dies in a work-related accident. But 33,749 marriages in the state ended in divorce or annulment in 2016, and, presumably, a significant number of those couples went through periods of separation before ultimately parting ways. Can a surviving spouse…