Don’t Want Police to Search Your Phone Without a Warrant: Don’t Abandon It in a Public Bathroom Actively Recording

In an age where technology is changing faster than the law can keep up, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently addressed the issue of when police can legally search a smartphone without a warrant. Abandoned Smartphone In Commonwealth v. Kane, a Villanova University student hid a smartphone behind a “wet floor” sign in a co-ed…


Don’t Bend the Law Like Beckham: The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Soccer star David Beckham received a six-month driving suspension last week for operating “a handheld device at knee level” while driving his Bentley in London’s West End, according to news reports. Beckham, who had already accrued multiple speeding violations, was ordered to pay 925 pounds ($1,205) in fines and prosecution costs. Beckham’s legal problems began…