PA Court Tells Injured Skier: You Assumed the Risk

If you’ve been thinking about winter activities as the summer heat continues to beat down, you are not alone. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently weighed in on whether a skier can sue a ski resort for injuries sustained when he fell due to hazardous terrain created by a vehicle operated by a resort employee….


Firefighter Seeks Workers’ Compensation Benefits 7 Years After Cancer Diagnosis: Is Her Claim Too Late?

Is a firefighter who could not work following a cancer diagnosis in 2004 but who did not receive a medical report until more than seven years later linking the cancer to her occupation entitled to retroactive workers’ compensation benefits? The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently said “yes.” Causal Link In City of Pittsburgh v. Workers’…


Kidnapped by Militant Guerrillas and Forced to Cook, Clean, and Do Laundry: Is That ‘Material Support’ to Terrorists?

Should a woman who was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerrillas in 1990, who witnessed them kill her husband, and who was forced to cook, clean and wash their clothes under threat of death be denied asylum because her slave labor provided “material support” to a terrorist organization? According to the Board of Immigration Appeals, the answer…