Are Teen Drivers Safe? New Report Says ‘No’

Most Pennsylvania teens are thrilled to turn 16 years old, get a learner’s permit, and start the process of becoming a licensed driver. But how should the rest of us feel about sharing the roadway with teenagers? TERRIFIED is an appropriate response. Consider a recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), PennDOT statistics,…


Causation Is Key: What Every Firefighter Should Know about Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for Cancer

A recent decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania serves as a reminder that a firefighter must establish a causal connection between cancer and a Group 1 carcinogen, as recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, to collect workers’ compensation benefits for an occupational disease. Bladder Cancer In Ratay v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal…


Firefighters, Cancer, and Workers’ Compensation: When Should a Claimant Know the Work-Relatedness of an Injury?

In June, we blogged about a decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirming an award of retroactive workers’ compensation benefits for a firefighter who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, but who filed a claim petition seven years later because she did not immediately make the connection between her illness and her occupation….