COVID-19 and Motor Vehicle Crashes: The Data Is In

Back in the early days of the pandemic, we blogged about how law enforcement agencies across the U.S. saw a marked increase in motorists who were putting the pedal to the metal, as COVID-19 kept most people at home, and roadways were clear. Today, the data is in on how COVID-19 impacted safety on the…


A Reminder from the Police: Stay Awake While Driving

Believe it or not: A police department in New Jersey actually found it necessary to post a tweet reminding drivers to stay awake while behind the wheel. The tweet, posted on Jan. 5, was prompted by a single-vehicle accident in which the driver fell asleep, crossed into the opposite lane of travel on a two-lane…


DUI Cases: What Is Sufficient Evidence for a Conviction?

Last October, we discussed how circumstantial evidence can be sufficient to convict a driver for DUI ― general impairment, where the focus is on the ability of an individual to drive safely, and not on a particular blood-alcohol level. Read on for another case where the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed a driver’s DUI conviction based…