Workers’ Comp and Staffing Agencies: What Is PA’s ‘Borrowed Servant’ Doctrine?

Readers of this blog know that employees who are injured at work are generally limited to compensation available to them under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act and cannot separately sue their employers for personal injury. But what happens when the employee is a contractual employee through an employment agency? Does the employee have an actionable personal…


UPDATE: Federal Court Releases Man Jailed for 4 Years for Refusing to Decrypt Computer Hard Drives in Child Pornography Case

In 2017, we blogged about a former Philadelphia police officer who has been sitting in jail since Sept. 30, 2015, for refusing to comply with a court order to divulge passwords for two encrypted computer hard drives seized from his home under a search warrant. The hard drives are believed to contain child pornography. The…


Snowtubing and the Law: Who’s Responsible If You Get Hurt?

Last winter, we blogged about the Pennsylvania Skier’s Responsibility Act, which relieves ski resorts of any legal duty to protect skiers from inherent risks of the sport. But with many of Pennsylvania’s winter resorts also offering snowtubing ― which requires nothing more than sitting in a tube without skill, training, or practice ― what happens…