UPDATE: PA Supreme Court Rules Flight Attendant Injured on Airport Shuttle Bus Entitled to Workers’ Comp Benefits

Last year, we blogged about a flight attendant who was injured when she slipped and fell aboard a shuttle bus at Philadelphia International Airport. The Commonwealth Court ruled that the flight attendant was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits notwithstanding her employer’s arguments that her transit was not part of her employment. Her employer, US Airways,…


Police Want Your Computer Password: Does the Fifth Amendment Apply?

The average digital consumer owns 3.23 connected devices, according to marketing research. So, what happens when police ask for your password and providing it would implicate you in a crime? Can you exercise your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refuse to disclose it? In a victory for privacy rights, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania…


Medical Testimony and Workers’ Compensation: What You DON’T Want Your Doctor to Say on the Witness Stand

As we have previously discussed in this blog, in workers’ compensation cases, employees must prove that their injury occurred during the course and scope of their employment. Generally, this requires the employee’s physician to testify to a “reasonable degree of medical certainty” that the employee’s injury is causally related to the workplace accident. So, what…


ICYMI: Bicyclists Must Follow Pennsylvania’s Traffic Laws

In September, our blog explained that Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code requires bicyclists to follow the state’s traffic laws. Today we look at what happens when a bicyclist fails to abide by the rules of the road, gets hit by a car, and then sues for personal injuries. Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t end well for the bicyclist….


Medical Marijuana Is Legal in PA: Can the Smell of Marijuana Give Rise to Probable Cause for a Search Warrant?

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, can police still rely upon the smell of marijuana as a factor for developing probable cause for a search warrant? The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently said “yes.” Strong Odor of Marijuana In Commonwealth v. Batista, police received an anonymous tip about a residence that served as…


Chain-Reaction Collisions: Is a Driver Who Didn’t Hit Your Vehicle Legally Liable for Your Injuries?

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania recently addressed the issue of whether a driver who caused a multi-vehicle crash ― but whose vehicle did not directly impact the plaintiff’s vehicle ― can be held legally liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. Tractor-Trailer Crash In Sutcliffe v. Bernese, the driver of a tractor-trailer…


Thinking of Going for a Bike Ride: What You Need to Know about Motor Vehicle Crashes

With autumn’s beautiful foliage and cool weather finally upon us, now is the perfect time to enjoy Pennsylvania’s big cities, small towns, and picturesque countryside via bicycle. But are bicyclists safe when they share the roadway with cars and other motor vehicles? Bicycle Crash Statistics The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 783 bicyclists…