Kidnapped by Militant Guerrillas and Forced to Cook, Clean, and Do Laundry: Is That ‘Material Support’ to Terrorists?

Should a woman who was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerrillas in 1990, who witnessed them kill her husband, and who was forced to cook, clean and wash their clothes under threat of death be denied asylum because her slave labor provided “material support” to a terrorist organization? According to the Board of Immigration Appeals, the answer…


Cockroaches and Workers’ Compensation: It’s OK to Freak Out, Then Tell the Truth

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. For one worker injured while freaking out over a cockroach, her truthfulness, forthright demeanor, and consistency in telling her medical history convinced a judge that she was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits ― and helped her keep those benefits on appeal. A Cockroach In Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)…


Your Cellphone Contains Your Life: Can Police Search It Without a Warrant?

Today’s cellphones double as rolodexes, cameras, tape recorders, video recorders, mini computers, libraries, diaries, televisions, newspapers, maps, books, and much more. So, can the police search your cellphone ― essentially your whole life ― without a warrant? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently said “no.” Monitoring Calls In Commonwealth v. Fulton, a homicide victim informed police…