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Hurt At Work? Protect Your Right To Receive Benefits.

Workers injured in Pennsylvania workplace accidents are entitled to benefits to help compensate for their injuries, for lost time from work, and in some circumstances, for their serious disfigurement. These benefits are meant to help an injured worker and his or her family sustain themselves financially while healing by paying medical bills and providing two-thirds of normal wages. However, insurance companies are not easy to deal with and commonly deny claims for compensable work injuries.

At Kelly, Parker & Cohen, LLP, we know that workers’ compensation benefits need to be substantial and fairly compensate the injured worker. Our experienced Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorneys have the resources available to ensure your rights under Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws are protected. Learn about your rights today by calling us at . We provide the help you deserve.

Steps To Take To Protect Your Claim

1. Report Your Work Injury To Your Employer

If you have been injured, you must report your work injury or illness to your employer within 120 days of its occurrence. Failure to report your injury within 120 days may preclude you from recovering workers’ compensation benefits. To receive medical and wage loss payments from the date you were injured, you must report the injury to your employer within 21 days of its occurrence. Failure to report the workers’ compensation injury within 21 days of its occurrence may result in benefits not being paid from the date of the injury.

2. Seek Medical Treatment From A Panel Physician

You are required to treat with an employer-approved panel physician for the first 90 days of your injury. After you report your work injury to your employer, you should be provided with a list or directed to a posted list of panel physicians with whom you must seek. After 90 days, you can be treated by a doctor of your choosing, and the carrier must pay for the treatment. If your employer does not provide you with a workers’ compensation panel list, you may seek treatment from any doctor.

3. Document Your Injury

Seek medical attention and document your injuries early. Tell your doctor of any preexisting conditions that were aggravated by your work injury, as you are entitled to compensation for an aggravation. Photograph your injuries.

4. Keep Detailed Records

Keep a detailed, ongoing log of all health care providers who treat you for your injuries. Additionally, keep track of all expenses related to your injuries, including prescription receipts, mileage for trips to doctors and physical therapy, co-pays, home health expenses, etc. You may be entitled to reimbursement for these costs.

5. Identify Witnesses And Video

Document the names and contact information for all witnesses to the incident and provide them to your workers’ compensation attorney. Additionally, take notice of any video surveillance that may be in the area, as it may help in proving your case.

6. Know Your Claim Status

Your employer is required to report your injury to its insurance company and file the first report of injury with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The insurance company must accept or deny your claim within 21 days of your report of injury or temporarily accept your workers’ compensation claim for 90 days. If your claim is denied, you should seek assistance from a workers’ compensation lawyer, like the experienced attorneys at Kelly, Parker & Cohen, LLP, to file a claim petition to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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