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Workers injured in Pennsylvania workplace accidents are entitled to get benefits to help compensate for their injuries, lost time from work and – in some circumstances – for their serious disfigurement. These benefits are meant to help an injured worker and his or her family sustain themselves financially.

There are many types of workers’ compensation claims, and the process is complicated. We have extensive experience filing and defending against all kinds of claims throughout Central Pennsylvania. We will help you decide on the right petition for your circumstance.

Learn More About The Types Of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Here are some types to consider:

Claim Petition

Requests payment of medical expenses and lost wages for missed work time or inability to continue to perform at work due to partial or total disability.

Specific Loss Petition

Requests compensation payments for one or more scars to the head, face or neck; or loss of a limb or another body part; or loss of use of a body part.

Suspension Or Termination Petition

In Pennsylvania, the Workers’ Compensation Act allows employers and insurance carriers to suspend or terminate benefits if they think you have fully recovered from your injury or it is no longer impacting your ability to earn your average weekly wage. YOU may know differently. If you are still treating for your work-related injury, the experienced attorneys at Kelly, Parker & Cohen, LLP, can help keep your benefits going while you continue to treat.

Reinstatement Petition

In Pennsylvania, the Workers’ Compensation Act may allow you to reinstate wage loss benefits, even if your claim is in suspended status, if your work injuries cause you to stop work even after you have returned to work following a short period of disability. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can help you file a reinstatement petition to allow you to begin receiving wage loss benefits again if you are forced to stop work as a result of your work-related injuries.

Compromise And Release Agreement

You may receive an offer from the insurance carrier to settle your case for a lump sum of money. Calculating the amount of a settlement in workers’ compensation cases is a difficult and complex process. Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will take the complexity out of the process and provide sound guidance on whether it is in your best interest to settle past and future wage loss benefits and/or future medical benefits.

Experienced counsel can work with you to determine what constitutes a fair lump sum settlement. Get the legal opinion of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before accepting such an offer. Many insurance companies will attempt to offer only a fraction of the compensation deserved.

Uncertain Of Your Options? We Have The Information You Need.

If you are a worker who has been injured on the job, call the experienced Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorneys at Kelly, Parker & Cohen, LLP, today at . Our experienced team will ensure you are receiving the maximum benefits you are entitled to and protect your rights under Pennsylvania law.

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