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Sex Crimes Overview

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Criminal offenses involving sex are extremely serious. The consequences of a sex crime conviction can include substantial jail time and significant fines. A conviction can also affect your ability to obtain certain types of jobs, and sex offenders are required to register with the sex offender database.

The following are some common sex crimes under Pennsylvania law:


You can be convicted of rape if you had nonconsensual sexual intercourse with someone by use of force or threat of force. You can be found guilty of rape in circumstances where the victim could not object, such as in the case of a drugged, unconscious or mentally ill victim. The offense is considered rape of a child if the victim is younger than 13. Any rape charge is a first-degree felony, and a conviction has penalties that can include more than 20 years of jail time.

Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse (IDSI)

This offense is similar to rape in that it involves engaging in deviate sexual behavior with another by use or threat of force. However, IDSI covers sexually deviate behavior not necessarily defined as rape, including offenses that involve penetration using foreign objects, or oral and anal sex. IDSI with a child occurs when the victim is younger than 13. Like rape, IDSI is a first-degree felony and can be punishable by more than 20 years imprisonment.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges arise under circumstances or situations not covered by an IDSI or rape offense. Sexual assault is considered a second-degree felony and can result in jail time of up to 10 years.

Indecent Assault And Aggravated Indecent Assault

An indecent assault charge can arise if you touch the sexual or intimate parts of another or cause another person to come in contact with bodily fluids such as semen, urine or feces without that person’s consent, and the purpose of the contact was to satisfy your sexual desires. An indecent assault charge may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances.

An aggravated indecent assault occurs when you forcibly penetrate someone else’s genitals or anus without their consent. This offense is considered a second-degree felony. However, the offense is elevated to a first-degree felony if the victim was younger than 13.

Indecent Exposure

If you expose your genitals in an offensive manner in a public place or any place where other people are present, you can be charged with indecent exposure. Indecent exposure is usually considered a misdemeanor in the second degree, but the charge may be elevated if there were children present.

Child Pornography

If you intentionally possess or know you possess books, magazines, photographs, videos or other materials that depict children under 18 years of age engaging in or simulating sexual acts, you can be charged with a felony.

Unlawful Contact With A Minor

You can be charged with this offense if you intentionally contact a minor, or a law enforcement officer pretending to be a minor, and you try to meet that person to engage in a sexual act. This offense is considered a third-degree felony where penalties can include up to seven years of jail time.

Being charged with one or more of these criminal offenses can have long-lasting effects. If you or a loved one has been charged with one or more of these sex crimes, or other sex crimes in Pennsylvania, contact the Central Pennsylvania sex crimes defense attorneys by calling 717-971-1974 or contact us online today for your free and confidential consultation.