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How much will it cost you to get a divorce in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Divorce |

Everyone knows that weddings are ridiculously expensive. Couples often spend more than they would on a downpayment for a starter home celebrating their new marriage. Although most people know that divorce can be expensive because it involves splitting up their property, fewer people realize that divorce often comes with a five-figure price tag.

In addition to splitting up your property and debt and possibly needing to pay support to your spouse or for your minor children, you will also have the direct expenses of divorce, ranging from filing fees to court costs. How much will it cost you to get a divorce in Pennsylvania?

Actual costs vary, but the average is quite high

Some people with few assets and no children might be able to divorce with a price tag of under $1,000, but such situations are rare. It is far more common for couples to spend a large amount of money on a divorce as they argue over terms, property and even the custody of their children.

In the average divorce, each spouse will likely incur about $15,000 in costs, meaning that all together, the divorce costs about $30,000. The more contentious the divorce is and the more issues the couple must put before the court, the higher the total costs will usually be.

Contested divorces with complex assets and minor children can cost substantially more than uncontested divorces where spouses try to settle as much as possible before they even file for divorce.

You could lose out more by cutting costs in the wrong way

Some people make big mistakes in their eagerness to keep their expenses low during a divorce. You might decide not to hire an attorney, which could mean that you make mistakes in your paperwork or in your approach to divorce that end up making the process last longer and cost more.

You are also in a vulnerable position if your ex decides to hire a lawyer. You might try to fight for terms that aren’t likely or wind up railroaded when your ex shows up to court with a hard-hitting lawyer who knows every law and precedent that applies to your case.

Trying to set terms before you file for divorce, focusing on what matters the most and minimizing your time in court are all safer strategies for keeping costs low without compromising your legal protections during an already difficult time.