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How much will it cost you to divorce in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Family Law |

Divorce is emotionally exhausting and frustrating. It can also be financially devastating for some people. You will have to split most of what you own with your spouse unless you have a premarital or marital agreement with them. You will also have to pay for the divorce itself.

Trying to decide when to divorce and how to approach the process requires that you look carefully at your financial situation. Understanding what it will likely cost you to get divorced will help you make better decisions during that process and to have more realistic expectations about your financial circumstances after the divorce.

Whether or not you have children drastically influences the cost

Researchers trying to understand divorce trends track what people spend on divorces and break it down based on various factors. Separating findings by state makes sense because the cost of living varies drastically from one region of the country to another. Pennsylvania is more affordable than some other states when it comes to getting a divorce.

A couple without children in Pennsylvania can expect to spend on average about $14,300 on the divorce proceedings. That amount goes up substantially if there are still children at home. Couples with minor children have an average divorce cost of $21,500.

Uncontested divorces where couples don’t litigate the terms of the divorce may cost well under the average amount, while intently litigated divorces where couples fight over every detail could cost substantially more. Looking at your budget, your marital assets and the future that you want will help you plan for the best way to approach your upcoming divorce.