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Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving 

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A driver has to be able to maneuver their vehicle properly while they’re driving. This is difficult if they’re distracted or impaired. What many people don’t realize is that driving while drowsy is also very difficult and dangerous. 

When someone doesn’t get enough sleep before they drive, they’re at risk of nodding off while they drive. They may have microsleeps, which can last up to 30 seconds. It’s also possible that a driver who’s too tired may forget about where they’ve driven, drift out of their lane, or have a slow reaction time. This is similar to driving while intoxicated.

Sleep isn’t the only factor

It’s possible that a person can get enough sleep one night and still be fatigued when they drive. Driving on familiar roads, doing monotonous tasks, and driving at a time when they’d normally be asleep can all contribute to driver fatigue. Failure to get enough sleep over several nights can lead to a sleep deficit that makes it hard to remain awake on the road. 

In some cases, drowsy driving is the result of a medical condition or the medications needed to treat a medical condition. For example, diphenhydramine is a common over-the-counter allergy medication, but it can cause drowsiness. 

Anyone who’s struck by a driver who’s fatigued should ensure they get medical care for their injuries. When a catastrophic injury, such as spinal cord damage, occurs, the care can be costly. Pennsylvania law limits how long you have to seek compensation after a crash like this. Don’t waste time getting started because that time may elapse before you realize it. Working with someone familiar with these cases enables you to