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Don’t let your dog risk getting you in a car accident

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The weather is getting nice enough for driving with your dog. They may enjoy sitting in the passenger seat with their head out the window enjoying the cool breeze. It’s this charm of theirs that makes them so loveable. 

While they may seem to be minding their own business, your pup can put you and other drivers at risk of injury. Here’s why dogs in the car can be a problem:

Keep your dog away from the steering wheel

Dogs may be able to play ball, but they aren’t the most reliable drivers. If your dog is anxious in the car or suddenly sees something on the driver’s side window they may jump toward the diver. This can cause the driver to lose control and send the car swerving. 

You may need to consider restraining your dog on car trips. Your dog may be small enough to fit in a comfortably sized carrier. These carriers could fit in the trunk, middle or front seats. They can easily be strapped into the seat to reduce your dog’s carrier from sliding around.

Other dogs may need more room to breathe. Larger dogs don’t have the ease of sitting in a carrier, and some dogs may just be overly anxious or too excited to stay put in a carrier. These dogs can wear harnesses that act similarly to human seatbelts. You might even consider getting a separator between the front and back seats to reduce the chances that your dog will jump on you while you’re driving. 

Dogs are a liability just as much as any other distraction when in a car. You’re being a responsible pet owner by learning how to avoid the dangers your pet might pose — but not everybody is so careful. If you’re in a wreck with a driver who was distracted by their dog or anything else, make sure you learn more about your right to compensation for your losses.