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Why might an immigration visa be denied? 

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Immigration |

It’s been a lifelong dream for you to move to the United States. Finally, your plans are starting to come to fruition and you’re about to start the visa process.

If you’re of good moral character and can contribute to society, then there is no reason your request should be denied. However, you do need to make sure that you get your visa application right. 

Why might an immigration visa be denied? 

If you apply for the wrong visa 

Before filing your application, you need to consider carefully your reasons for moving to the country. If you are moving to join your spouse or other family members, then there are specific visas for this. The process for these visas is distinct from applying for a work permit or student visa. Applying for the wrong type of visa could set you back significantly, and your application could end up being denied. 

Not preparing for the interviews

It’s likely that you will have to take part in an immigration interview at some point. This is a key part of the process as it gives immigration officers a chance to see what type of person you are and also assess your reasons for coming. If you aren’t prepared for the interview or become complacent, this could reflect badly on you. It’s also vital that you are completely honest during the process, as any signs of dishonesty could jeopardize your application. 

Clerical errors 

There is a considerable amount of paperwork involved in the immigration process, which can be overwhelming for some people. It’s pivotal that all documentation is filled out accurately, and even a simple error could get in the way of a successful application. 

Moving to the U.S. is a large part of your future and you need to do everything to make sure this can happen. Having legal guidance on your side will give you the best shot at being successful in your visa application.