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Is it possible to lower your risk of a motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Driving a car on any U.S. roadway is risky business in the modern world since you must share the road with those about whom you know nothing. They could be drunk, distracted or simply negligent, posing a hidden danger to you and other motorists.

There is little or nothing you can do to influence nearby drivers, so it falls on you to make your piece of the road as safe as possible. The tips below may help to reduce your risk of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Work on your situational awareness

You might think you have a good grasp of your situation when you take to the road, but there is always room for improvement. Situational awareness is a technique pilots use to extract and process information from their surroundings.

The method helps you form a complete mental image of your immediate environment and improves your ability to anticipate near-future events.

Create defensive driving strategies

People have been talking about defensive driving for decades, but what does it all mean? Like situational awareness, defensive driving involves remaining alert to your circumstances. However, it also means developing specific responses to the hazards one might encounter (speeding motorists, pedestrians, road debris, etc.).

Combining defensive driving techniques with situational awareness could significantly reduce your accident risks.

Accidents can happen despite your efforts

If the worst happens and you suffer injuries despite the accident avoidance measures you create, take steps to strengthen your claim. Usually, this means familiarizing yourself with Pennsylvania’s injury and accident compensation guidelines. The knowledge you gain ensures that you obtain the full compensation you deserve.