A Reminder from the Police: Stay Awake While Driving

Believe it or not: A police department in New Jersey actually found it necessary to post a tweet reminding drivers to stay awake while behind the wheel. The tweet, posted on Jan. 5, was prompted by a single-vehicle accident in which the driver fell asleep, crossed into the opposite lane of travel on a two-lane…


DUI Cases: What Is Sufficient Evidence for a Conviction?

Last October, we discussed how circumstantial evidence can be sufficient to convict a driver for DUI ― general impairment, where the focus is on the ability of an individual to drive safely, and not on a particular blood-alcohol level. Read on for another case where the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed a driver’s DUI conviction based…


Update: Pedestrian’s Abrupt Appearance in Front of Driver Moments Before Impact Was Not a ‘Sudden Emergency’

Last October, we blogged about an unfortunate auto/pedestrian accident at a dark intersection, where the driver had an obstructed view, under circumstances where there was no evidence of any careless behavior on the driver’s part. In a personal injury lawsuit brought by the pedestrian, the trial court instructed the jury on the “sudden emergency” doctrine….


The Effect of a Disputed Signature on Child Support: A Lesson in Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity

In Pennsylvania, a man may acknowledge the paternity of a child born out of wedlock by signing a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form. The law provides that the signed form constitutes conclusive evidence of paternity without further judicial ratification in any action to establish support. After 60 days, acknowledgement of paternity may be challenged in…