DUI Sentencing and ARD: What’s a ‘Prior Conviction’?

In a victory for repeat DUI defendants who previously accepted an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD), the Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently ruled that a driver’s prior acceptance of an ARD in a DUI case is not a “prior conviction” for the purpose of sentencing the driver for a subsequent DUI. This ruling is significant because…


UPDATE: Federal Court Releases Man Jailed for 4 Years for Refusing to Decrypt Computer Hard Drives in Child Pornography Case

In 2017, we blogged about a former Philadelphia police officer who has been sitting in jail since Sept. 30, 2015, for refusing to comply with a court order to divulge passwords for two encrypted computer hard drives seized from his home under a search warrant. The hard drives are believed to contain child pornography. The…


Timing Is Everything: When Does PA’s 10-Year Look-Back Period for Enhanced DUI Penalties Begin to Run?

Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code mandates enhanced sentencing penalties for repeat DUI offenses committed within 10 years of a “prior offense.” But when does the clock begin to run? In a case of unfortunate timing for one DUI defendant, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently provided an answer. Two DUI Offenses In Commonwealth v. Mock, a driver committed…