Are ‘Gangsta’ Posts on Social Media a Violation of Probation? PA Supreme Court Says ‘No’ … Under These Circumstances

What can possibly go wrong if you decide to post to social media while on probation? Here’s the story of how a defendant’s self-described “stupid” post launched a legal showdown that landed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. ‘Gangsta’ Posts In Commonwealth v. Foster, Darnell Foster was arrested in May 2015 and charged with possession with…


Driver Accused of DUI Doesn’t Consent to Blood Test: Is ‘Refusal’ Evidence Admissible at Trial?

Last week, we blogged about Pennsylvania’s implied consent statute, pursuant to which anyone driving in the Commonwealth is deemed to consent to chemical testing of their blood to determine its alcoholic content. Regardless of the statute, drivers have the right to refuse testing. However, doing so results in mandatory driver’s license suspension, renders the fact…