Fighting a DUI Charge: Did Police Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

A recent decision by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania demonstrates that a driver’s impairment (or lack thereof) isn’t the only issue at play when fighting a DUI charge. When applicable, another avenue for fighting a DUI charge is to challenge the constitutionality of the underlying traffic stop. A Well-Being Check In Commonwealth v. Thimons, a…


Domestic Service: Is a Caretaker for a Woman with Dementia Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

After a job-related injury occurs, workers typically ask one critical question: Am I entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? Fortunately, in Pennsylvania most workers are covered under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act, and the answer, generally, is “yes.” However, some types of workers are not covered by the Act and thus cannot collect benefits. Today, we…


Arrested for DUI: Can You Be Convicted with Layperson Testimony?

A recent decision by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania offers a sobering lesson on the evidence that can be used to convict a driver of DUI. Field Sobriety Tests In Commonwealth v. Wilkinson, a driver hit the front of another vehicle, ripping off its bumper, while traveling through an intersection. The police officer who responded…


When the Day of ‘Disability’ Isn’t the Day of ‘Disability’: How One Day’s Pay Affected a Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently ruled that an employee who received his full wages for the day that he was injured at work was not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits until his next workday. The ruling was critical to the court’s determination that his employer did not miss a deadline to stop paying benefits….


So, You’ve Changed Your Mind: Can You Withdraw Your Guilty Plea?

A recent decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court should make every defendant think long and hard about what they really want to do before pleading guilty to a crime. Plea Agreement In Commonwealth v. Norton, Michael Norton was charged with sexually abusing his paramour’s granddaughter. On the day that his trial was to begin, Norton…