Kidnapped by Militant Guerrillas and Forced to Cook, Clean, and Do Laundry: Is That ‘Material Support’ to Terrorists?

Should a woman who was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerrillas in 1990, who witnessed them kill her husband, and who was forced to cook, clean and wash their clothes under threat of death be denied asylum because her slave labor provided “material support” to a terrorist organization? According to the Board of Immigration Appeals, the answer…


Withholding of Removal and Terrorist Groups: Be Careful of the Company You Keep

Are you responsible for terrorist acts committed by members of your political party? The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently said “no” in a case where an immigrant from Bangladesh sought withholding of removal, provided the terrorist activities are uncoordinated activities by individual members, as opposed to being sanctioned by party leadership. Political Party…


Trump’s Executive Order on Sanctuary Cities: What It Means to Pennsylvania’s Undocumented Immigrants

On Jan. 25, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would strip federal money from sanctuary cities ― a move, Trump says, that will “ensure that our Nation’s immigration laws are faithfully executed,” per the language in the order. If you are an undocumented immigrant in Pennsylvania ― meaning you illegally entered the country,…