Non-Immigrant Visas

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Under U.S. immigration law, you may come to the United States on a temporary basis as a non-immigrant. In most cases, non-immigrants are coming to work on a temporary basis. There are more than 20 types of visas for temporary non-immigrant workers — many of which are for workers with extraordinary or exceptional skills and abilities. Ordinarily, immigrants who obtain a temporary visa for work purposes are sponsored by their employers. Only so many of some categories of non-immigrant temporary visas may be issued each year.

Not only are there employment-based non-immigrant visas, but the United States also allows the issue of other non-immigrant visas based on certain scenarios and your purpose for being in the United States. Every applicant applying for a non-immigrant visa must qualify on his or her own merits. The following is a list of some common non-immigrant visas. Keep in mind that for each type of visa, you will have to meet certain requirements before the visa will be issued.

A & G visas are for representatives of foreign governments;

B-1visas are issued to certain aliens for many purposes, including general business purposes, tourism, and medical and emergency situations;

C-1 visas are for those transitioning through the U.S.;

C-1/D visas are for crew members who are flying to the United States to join ships;

E-1 and E-2 visas are for those from a treaty country who engage in substantial trade in services or technology;

F visas are for students who are in academic or language programs;

H visas are for temporary workers and trainees;

I visas are for journalists and members of the media;

J visas are for exchange visitors;

K visas are for fiances or spouses of U.S. citizens;

L visas are for transfers within a company;

M visas are for students in vocational or other non-academic programs;

O visas are for temporary workers of extraordinary ability;

P visas are for athletes and entertainers;

Q visas are for cultural exchange visitors; and

R visas are for religious workers.

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